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Amphi-Docks are ingenious by design, robustly built, incredibly simple and will make your life at the lake a whole lot easier. Our patented Roll-IN-Float (RIF) System makes launching and retrieving your dock a breeze. Due to its modular design it also makes for easy storage.

Each Original Amphi-Dock section is 7'x16' and sections can be assembled in an infinite variety of configurations.

The Chameleon walkway is 16'x50" and the landing ramps/T-Dock sections are 10'x50", once again allowing sections to be assembled in any configuration.

Floating sections come with our patented RIF System which comes with or without a barrel, brackets and all the necessary hardware.

  • Deck

    Original & Chameleon Deck

    All our Original and Chameleon docks are constructed with 2"x6" pressure treated decking ensuring an extremely long life, excellent durability and usability

  • The Hardware

    The Hardware

    Amphi-Docks are built to live in the water. All the hardware and components are aluminum, galvanized stainless steel for durability and long life

  • The Magic

    The Magic

    Our Roll-IN-Float (RIF) System ensures that the sections roll easily on any surface without getting stuck and then float effortlessly once in the water.

Latest News

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Amphi-Dock Easy Install Video